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AutoBild Gala 2015

AutoBild Gala 2015
On February 26, 2016, by Auto Sports Federation of Georgia and magazine AUTO BILD Georgia was organized a gala award ceremony, which became an annual tradition. Just like last year, this year, all Auto Business society was gathered in Kachreti  Ämbassadori Hotel.

The 2015 best racers and vehicles were revealed. Motor Sport Federation awarded the best pilots and magazine AUTO BILD Georgian edition, awarded the best cars in six categories.

In Europe, German AUTO BILD awarded Auto Oscar winners in November, in Georgia, traditionally voting continued by end of the February in all six categories. The winners were reveled only according to the opinion of local groups.

The poll, which was conducted through the website of AUTO BILD, totally was received 40 085 votes by categories: small cars, compacts and compact crossover, middle class, SUV- class, luxury-class and luxury SUV and Sports cars.

In category Luxury-class and luxury SUV the leading and unconditional winner was the new BMW 7 series.

Also, the magazine AUTO BILD Georgia , awarded  “Omega Motors as Partner of Year” and gave symbolic prize.