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Omega Motors opens BMW and MINI dealership center in Batumi

The unprecedented opening ceremony featured unveiling of two cars – BMW 5 series and MINI COUNTRYMAN. The event was attended by representatives of BMW top management in Georgia, namely Dr. Thomas Rinn, managing director of African, Caribbean and Eastern European BMW offices and Konrad Baumgartner, head of regional sales for Africa, the Caribbean and Eastern Europe, as well as MINI company Director in African, Caribbean and Eastern European region Frederick Dorais and Regional Branch Manager Victor Eisenbraun, who came to Georgia specifically for this purpose.

The presentation, which resembled a performance, was also attended by numerous high-status guests, including diplomatic corps representatives, Chairman of the Adjarian Government Zurab Pataradze, Batumi Mayor Giorgi Ermakov and members of the Adjarian Supreme Council. According to them, the new Omega Motors office will be successful and popular with clients, thus boosting Batumi’s status.

Zaza Okuashvili, founder of Omega Group and member of the Adjarian Supreme Council, made the first purchase at the new Omega Motors office, obtaining a BMW X1, which he proceeded to gift to the Supreme Council as compensation for the damage suffered by Batumi during March 11-12 riots, during which several state-owned vehicles were burned.

Omega Group also gifted a convertible car to the Tourism Department of Adjara as charity.

It is noteworthy that a certain percentage of income from each car sold by the Adjaran Omega Motors office will be transferred to Batumi Asylum for Children with Disabilities.

“We have brought two most successful German and British brands – BMW and Mini – to Adjara. Omega has certainly walked a long path since its first contracts with BMW and Mini in 1998. We opened our Tbilisi office in 2000. It can be safely said that back then, Omega was unique in what it did, while today, almost all international car brands are represented in the Georgian capital. Let us hope that they will also join in this healthy competition, with the country profiting as a result,” declared Zaza Okuashvili at the opening ceremony.

“This is an exemplary step, befitting of a statesman,” said Tsotne Ananidze, member of the Adjarian Supreme Council, in conversation with journalists when thanking Omega Group for the gift.

“We are proud of Mr. Zaza Okuashvili and of what he managed to accomplish in such a short time. He has managed to live up to all of BMW company’s plans. He invests and develops the sales network, and it is due to his efforts that not just Tbilisi, but also Batumi is going to boast BMW and Mini cars. This new regional center meets all BMW standards,” said Victor Eisenbaum in his speech at the presentation.

Donald MacLaren, former British Ambassador to Georgia, called the opening of the new Omega Motors center a very important event. “The fact that two brands – a German and a British one – are represented here is quite interesting. I think it symbolizes bringing together three European countries – Germany, Britain and Georgia,” he said, wishing success to Omega Motors in their endeavors.

“This is an excellent showroom that is very well-equipped by international standards. Trust me, it will definitely help our region’s development,” Zurab Pataradze,  Chairman of the Adjarian Government, said during the presentation.

According to Batumi Mayor Giorgi Ermakov, opening of the new Omega Motors center and showroom adds yet another nice sight as well as source of employment to the city.


Note: The new BMW 5 Series (G30), known as the “Business Athlete”, is the most economical and environmentally friendly of all of its competitors. This series makes use of all innovations currently available to its 7 series luxury sedan cousins.

As for the new Mini Countryman, this is the largest model in all 57 years of the brand’s history, which now comes available in the hybrid version.