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Warranty conditions for a BMW Omega Motors vehicle
New cars only

1. The seller provides 24 months quality Warranty regardless of the mileage passed by the vehicle.

2. The Warranty term will be start counting from the date when the parties sign the act of receipt.

3. In case the manufacturing technology is violated during the manufacturing of the vehicle, the Warranty service will also cover the packaging parts, which coincides with the Warranty term and expires on the same date.

4. The Warranty does not cover:

- The noise, which is caused by the specific construction of the vehicle, also the smell emanated in the exploitation of the vehicle.

- Consumables (lubricants, freon, antifreeze, brake fluid, etc) Also the parts which are normally deteriorated during exploitation. (Spark plugs, brake pads, filters, electric lamps, tires, clutch plates, tracking bearings, accumulator, muffler and pipes, fuses and etc)

- Interior furnishing with elements and body construction such as glasses, seat surface, bumpers, carpets, molding, exterior impermeability holder, antenna, (except heater)

- Technical exploitation regulation of the product

5. The warranty service will not be provided if:

5.1. The buyer violates the exploitation instructions.

5.2. The buyer installs additional elements, devices, accessories, or uses non-recommended consumables.

5.3. In the case of road accident.

5.4. In the case the vehicle is used for teaching a learner how to drive.

5.5. In the case the vehicle is used for sportive events proposes.

6. The Warranty service will not be provided for the results of the external factors like – improper keeping of the vehicle, stone hit, wood glue spots, salts, hail, windstorm and other natural-ecological conditions.