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Wash your car for free at Omega Motors service Center!

Wash your car for free at Omega Motors service Center!

The users, who register their contact data on the special page ofგამოწერა will get a chance to win and wash their cars for free at Omega Motors service center. The Promotional Campaign begins on October the 24rd, 2016 and ends on November the 19th 2016.

Every Saturday, at 12:00, the winner will be selected randomly out of the user data registered within the current week via special site The owners of the lucky e-mails will be rewarded with the free car wash service for the vehicles indicated in the user data.

All registered participants will receive e-mail notifications about the results of each promo activity weekly; the results will be also published via social media. The winners will be contacted personally via telephone and provided with the detailed information about voucher  delivery.

The aim of the promotional activity:

This is a promotional campaign aiming at collecting contact information of people interested in our company and the brands we represent in Georgia in order to provide them with the latest updates about our services via e-mails..

Promotional Activity winners will be announced on Exceptional conditions:

Individuals under the age of 18 years old cannot join this promotional activity
Omega Motors employs and their family members cannot take part in this promotional activity.
  • 29th of October
  • 5th of November
  • 12th of November
  • 19th November

On the following page: 

Promotional Activity and the Voucher:

In this Promotional Activity 4 winners will be revealed via the site . Every Saturday at 12:00 the winner will be selected randomly among the current week's registered users e-mails and will be rewarded with free car wash vouchers for the vehicles indicated in the user info.

Voucher will be valid until the 23th of December, 2016, however, the voucher shall be handed over to the winner within 5 working days since the announcement of the campaign results.

  • Winners must submit a document proving their identity.
  • Voucher cannot be exchanged on equivalent currency.
  • Voucher cannot be transferred to another person.

Contact address and Telephone number:

David Agmashenebeli Av. 10-th km,
0131 Tbilisi, Georgia
Tel. +995 32 225 7070